Size Guide

How a RomabyRL Belt is Measured 

The size of our belts are measured from the start of the belt strap; not including the buckle, to the middle hole (there are 5 holes in total).

Here’s why there are 5 holes on our belts and why you should measure to the middle hole.
The additional number of holes gives your body room for change, and allows you to wear the belt at different levels of your waist and hip. Also your final sizing can change depending on the clothing you wear, additional layers etc. So sizing your belt to the middle hole gives you the most room for variations.

Finding Your Perfect Fit
You can find your perfect fit using two methods. 

Option 1 - Measure your waistline (or where you want your belt to sit) then add 2 inches to account for clothing added volume. So if you measure a 32 inch waist, buy a 34 inch belt.

Option 2 - Measure a belt you already own. Measure from the end of the belt (not including the buckle) to the belt hole you use. This will give you the measurement which you currently use. 

I measure in-between the standard measurements, which size should I order?

If your waist is an odd numbered measurement/in-between the standard sizes, then we always recommend to size up to the next measurement. This will give you a greater size variety to allow for bulky clothing or body changes.

If you need help finding your perfect fit, please contact a member of the RomabyRL team at or fill in our online enquiry form here.

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