How is a woven belt different from my leather belts?

The main differentiator between a woven belt and a leather belt are the materials which are used to create this unique styling accessory. Intricate woven webbing constructed from ethically sourced cottons creates the elasticated straps for our woven belts. Hand assembled in England by skilled artisans, this fashion accessory is the perfect versatile and highly functional piece to add to your wardrobe. But what makes a woven belt so easy to wear? We’ve put together our top three reasons for owning a woven stretch belt to make your styling choices a little easier.

Adjustable and Versatile 

The construction of a woven belt means that there are no fixed buckle holes integrated into the design. The buckle prong simply slots between the webbing wherever you would like it to go, allowing for an adjustable and extremely versatile fit. Fluctuations in weight will no longer have you buying a new belt, and a woven piece can move seamlessly between your waist and hip without the need for extra buckle holes. With a piece that adjusts completely to you and your needs, this makes woven belts an easy to wear, must have accessory.



Comfort and Support 


A belt should be comfortable to wear, while at the same time giving support and holding your clothing in a desired position.
An elasticated belt provides a level of comfort which is achieved through the materials characteristics. The elastic belt strap flexes with movement and doesn’t restrict the wearer when in motion, but also grips the waist to allow for security. This creates a comfortable, secure fit which will mould to the wearer's body.  
Flat woven cotton is also lightweight and keeps the belt supple to wear so no heavy, bulky accessories will weigh you down.



A Leather Finish 

Lastly no woven belt would be complete without a luxury leather trim finish. 
To complete our woven belts we cap the end of our straps with a contrasting leather to add shape and prevent the weave from fraying. Belt loops are also fashioned from this material to ensure durability and longevity for the final product. Woven cotton and luxury leather are a perfect combination and bring unique character to this alternative styling accessory. 

Our Stretch Belts  

Comprising three signature pieces, our stretch range features woven belts constructed from ethically sourced cotton, finished with high quality leather, and designed to be an easy to wear addition to your wardrobe.

The Stretch

The Casual Elastic 

The Smart Elastic



With neutral colours, coordinating leathers and subtle design features, our range of stretch belts make for the perfect accent piece which will compliment your outfit. Using generations-old techniques combined with modern technology, our collection is crafted in England and designed for a modern Britain who long to invest in quality staples. 

To start your woven collection, explore our stretch belts at now, or get in touch with a member of staff on 01604 740181 or to discuss the products we offer.