Leather is naturally an extremely versatile material which can be crafted for a variety of products. It has properties and character which make it desirable for multiple end uses which no other man made material can truly replicate. 
Here we highlight some of the most important characteristics of leather and the reasons why we choose this material to craft our collection.

Leather Softness

When wearing a piece of clothing or an accessory you naturally want it to be comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time. No rough fabrics irritating your skin while you go about your day. 
The thinner the leather the softer it will generally be. However, there are also variables such as tanning which increase the softness of the material. Fatty materials can be added to increase the suppleness of the leather which allows the material to be utilised for a variety of products and uses. 

Other methods such as brushing or sanding can also influence the softness of the leather. Our Dress Belt is crafted using Vachetta leather, a type of full-grain, vegetable tanned leather made from cow hides. What distinguishes the Vachetta is the high fat content which makes the leather soft and buttery to the touch.

It’s not just the outside of our accessories which require a level of softness. The Roma by RL Drummed Dress belt is lined using Nubuck leather, cut from the top of the grain and then sanded and buffed to create a velvety feel and look. This is perfect for the lining of a wearable accessory such as a leather belt as it creates maximum comfort when worn. 

Leather Water-Resistance 

The natural properties of leather will offer a degree of water resistance which will enable a product to get wet, and after drying it will still maintain its shape and elasticity. Many leathers are also treated to avoid water spotting marks from the rain, which is perfect for wearable accessories such as belts, gloves, shoes and handbags.

With our collection designed to be timeless and enduring, the switch into the wet season doesn’t stop our belts from being able to perform at their best. The Double Teeth Waist will still be making a statement when worn over a layered shirt and jumper, and the Jean Belt will still be securing your favourite denim pieces well into those winter months. 

Leather Patterns and Character

The markings and patterns ingrained on the surface of any leather are completely unique to that piece. There can be extreme variations in regards to colour, texture and surface patterns, which is why the material is so valuable. Leathers can be completely natural or highly refined, but we prefer a material which showcases character and develops it even further over time. 

Our collection encompasses full grain leathers which come from the top of the hide and include all of the natural grain, telling a story through its natural markings and imperfections. Our Classic Jean belts are crafted from pull up leather, a full grain which is rich in oil and wax. Completely unaltered, this belt will lighten in colour when stretched during wear and develop a texture which is individual to each wearer. And the Statement Waist, due to the pull up leathers soft, supple and scratch sensitive finish, will quickly develop a beautiful vintage patina making it unique over time and wear. 

Leather Malleability 

Another factor that makes leather such a favourable material is due to its ability to be moulded into a new shape. It can be made to either stiffen or it can be flexible and then retain its new shape as required. This is extremely beneficial in footwear manufacture, but also while our artisans craft our braided belts. 

The ROMA by RL braided belts are hand plaited and intricately woven to create the desired braid, made possible only with the ability to mould precisely cut leather straps. The leather's characteristics then also add comfort as in the case of the Classic Braid, as it moulds to the movement of the wearer to create a versatile fit. 

Leather will always have properties and characteristics which when crafted will create products with outstanding performance benefits. Now that you know all the reasons to utilise leather, why don’t you pop over to our shop and explore our ROMA by RL collection. 

If you want to explore more about leather, it’s properties and the way it can be used in industries, visit Leather Naturally, a global leather resource.