The belt is a staple piece for anyone’s wardrobe. A timeless accessory which is both functional and aesthetic, and has stood the test of time due to its practicality and ability to adapt to modern design trends. 
With the multitude of styles and designs which are available now, we’ve put together a style guide of the 4 belts that we think you should own. With these 4 styles in your repertoire then you can never go wrong. 

The Dress Belt 

The dress belt is a timeless tradition which exudes elegance and grace. Traditionally used for official occasions or events, think business meetings, weddings, black-tie events, you get the picture. This style, designed to be paired with suits and formal trousers, maintains a sense of decorum and standards when worn. 

Our very own Dress Belt from our ROMAbyRL collection is the epitome of a formal style belt. Designed from Italian leather and paired with a velvety nubuck lining, this belt is the finishing touch to any formal outfit. Available in black and dark brown colourways for those who like to match their leathers. 

The Dress belt in luxury black leather from the ROMA by RL made in England accessories Collection

The Casual Belt 

Formal belts are great for those events or special occasions where you need to dress up, but everyone should have a go-to everyday casual belt which they can effortlessly throw on with their favourite pair of jeans.

Nothing screams casual more than denim, so our go-to casual piece is The Jean Belt, a signature staple in our collection. 
Designed to be a modern everyday belt with a chunky profile and textured finish. Crafted from Italian pull up leather this belt will naturally develop character markings over time and wear, revealing the true beauty of an everyday leather belt. 

The Jean belt in luxury black leather from the ROMA by RL made in England accessories Collection

The Woven Belt

The woven belt is the perfect styling alternative to your leather piece. Providing stretch and flexibility whilst worn, a woven belt will adjust to the wearer and with no fixed holes, this makes it a versatile accessory for any time of year. Although summer is a great time to utilise a lighter woven piece from your wardrobe, it can also be worn throughout the year, adding subtle colour and texture to any of your outfits. 

With a range of woven belts we propose our Casual Elastic Belt as a well-rounded versatile piece which would slot seamlessly into anyone's wardrobe. This piece offers subtle colour tones with a classic squared buckle, perfect as a casual alternative to your favourite leather belt. 

The Casual Elastic belt from the ROMA by RL made in England accessories Collection

The Braided Belt

The braided belt is a staple piece for anyone's wardrobe. A flexible leather belt which adjusts to the wearer, offering formal styling as well as casual attire, this style of belt can be utilised for a range of different outfits, making it the perfect versatile piece to add to your wardrobe. 

Our recommendation is The Classic Braid from the ROMAbyRL collection. Available in four different colourways, this braided belt is a classic style for the modern wardrobe, encompassing design and practicality into one signature piece.

The Classic Braid belt in luxury black leather from the ROMA by RL made in England accessories Collection 

After years of development and design, the belt remains a constant staple in any wardrobe. However modern menswear will utilise the array of designs at its disposal to ensure the best style is achieved for any given outfit. 

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