From a leather jacket or trusted baguette, to a high quality belt or a pair of brushed brogues, a good quality leather accessory is a staple in any wardrobe. High quality products never go out of style, and while all accessories often used will undoubtedly see the result of some wear and tear, luxury leather can last a lifetime when looked after in the right way. We have put together a quick guide on how to take care of your leather accessories, ensuring those signs of wear and tear are far and few between. 

Store them well

The first and most important step to taking care of your luxury leather accessories is to make sure you are storing them well when not in use. Improper storage of items can be more damaging than you think, and can lead to unseen problems which are difficult to fix. Soft leather can be warped out of shape, and harder leather can crack from extreme stress. Avoid storing leather in areas with extremes of temperature, as leather can be susceptible to mould from damp environments, or can dry out and crack in hot climates. 


Keep them dry

The permeable nature of leather means that it does not do well in water. Should your leather accessory happen to get wet, do not wipe the water away, but dab it off the product. Allow the leather to dry at an ambient room temperature and avoid using any heat sources to accelerate the drying process, as this can lead to cracking in places. 


Alternate use

While leather can be both durable and resistant, constant overuse can lead to excessive damage and wear. The easiest way to combat this is to invest in more than one high quality item, with which you alternate uses, or keeping your favourite products for more special occasions.


Get the right fit

Leather accessories in the wrong size can result in serious damage. Shoes and belts which are too small may see the leather stretch and warp out of shape. Handbags that are overfilled can very easily collapse and lose their structured shape. To ensure the longevity of your leather accessory, ensure you buy the right size in the first place. 

Unsure how to measure for your perfect fitting belt? Read our simple fit guide for accessories sized to you.


Clean them well

Maintaining a regular cleaning and protection routine on leather will stop large build-ups of dirt that may influence the high-quality finish of the product. Start with a soft brush or cloth, and brush away any visible dirt on the product. If the product is stained, look at using a specialised leather cleaner, or just water - avoid home DIY recipes for cleaning leather, like baking soda, as it can be too harsh on the product. Finish with a premium leather conditioner, to protect and reinvigorate the surface of your leather goods. 

Your leather accessories can last a lifetime if you take the right steps to store them correctly and clean them well to keep them in top condition. RomabyRL sources vegetable tanned full grain leather from renowned Tuscan tanneries, ensuring only the finest quality leathers are used in our products.

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