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Unsure of your perfect fit and which size belt you should order? Look no further than our fit guide, simplified to help you find your perfect sized belt which will then be custom made for you. 

Understanding belt sizing

You may be questioning why you can't use your clothing size for a reference. The reason is because you need extra material to go over your clothing when worn, and a small amount of belt carried on from your chosen belt loop. Because of this, belts are typically 2 inches larger than your waist or hip size.

How a RomabyRL Belt is Measured

The size of our belts are measured from the start of the belt strap (not including the buckle) to the middle hole, all our belts will have 5 holes.

Here’s why there are 5 holes on our belts and why you should measure to the middle hole. 

The additional number of holes gives your body room for change, and allows you to wear the belt at different levels of your waist and hip.
Also your final sizing can change depending on the clothing you wear, additional layers etc. 
So sizing your belt to the middle hole gives you the most room for variations.


Finding Your Perfect Fit


We’ll give you two simple ways that you can find the right size for you and make sure your RomabyRL purchase fits perfectly.


Option 1 - Measure yourself

Option one is simply to measure yourself.

For your perfect belt size either measure your waistline or hip circumference with a tape measure, the point where you normally wear your trousers comfortably.

Make sure the tape measure is level and sitting at the point where you would like to wear your new belt.

Measure yourself then add 2 inches to account for added volume from clothing. So if you measure a 32 inch waist, buy a 34 inch belt.


Option 2 - Measure an existing belt

Option two is to measure a belt you already own and you know fits you comfortably.
To do this lay out your belt on a flat surface making sure the buckle is on the left hand side. 

Measure from the end of the belt (not including the buckle) to the belt hole you use. This will give you the measurement which you currently use. 
This measurement will already account for your clothing as it is your chosen belt hole size. Therefore if the measurement is 34 inches, then you can purchase a 34 inch Roma belt with confidence that it will fit perfectly.




“I’m in-between the standard measurements, which size should I order?”


If your waist is an odd numbered measurement/in-between the standard sizes, then we always recommend to size up to the next measurement. This will give you a greater size variety to allow for bulky clothing or body changes.

If your waist size plus the added 2 inches is 39 inches. Then you would purchase a 40” belt, wearing it through the second hole which would measure 39 inches. 

And there you have it.. Your perfect fit in the time it takes to read a tape measure. 

Just pick which option works best for you and start exploring our collection.

Once you have your perfect belt size you can order again and again with confidence.


It's important to note that leather will adjust and mould to the wearer over time, so the longer you wear a leather piece, the more comfortable and unique it will feel.


Explore our entire collection here or get in touch with a member of the RomabyRL team at info@romaleather.com to discuss sizing.

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