Premium leather items can last a lifetime with the right maintenance. Our timeless pieces form integral parts of any fashion lover's capsule wardrobe, and a tried-and-tested action plan for accidents is key to avoiding irreparable damage to luxury leather goods.

Picture the scene: an unfortunate incident with a spilled drink, a mysterious mark, an accidental brush with dirt outside. How do you avoid permanent staining? Which products should you use? Read on for our top tips on how to minimise any damage to you luxury leather goods.

Spilled drink

The most important rule is to react quickly to any form of damage to your leather accessories. Leaving a spilled drink to sit on your accessory is never a good idea, as the permeable nature of the leather means liquids can easily soak in. This is especially true for alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer. For both, the best step is to soak the stain with warm water, or soda water for a more intense clean. Once thoroughly soaked, patting the area with a dry, clean cloth until the cloth comes away spotless should suffice. If the stain is too deep, then a high-quality leather cleaner is the next port of call. The main issue of drink spillages on leather is usually the smell, but a solution of white vinegar and warm water should eliminate both the unsightly stain and any lingering odour. 

Mysterious marks

If a mark has appeared on your leather goods and its origin is unknown, caution is key. A good rule of thumb is to carefully blot the mark with a dry cloth first, in order to remove as much of the substance as possible. If this is not enough, then blotting with warm water follows. A high-quality leather cleaner is always useful to own, and must be applied if the former methods have no effect. 

Removing dirt

Dirt and muddy stains may look intimidatingly hard to remove, but are generally simple. Once the dirt have dried completely, gently brush the leather with a stiff-bristled brush, enabling the particles to fall off. Follow this with a leather cleaner, and your leather goods are all set for us again!

Be pro-active

The best step you can take when cleaning your leather accessories is to be pro-active. Take steps ahead of time to ensure proper care and maintenance is taken to preserve your purchase. This can range from a care and conditioning routine for your belt to keep it supple, a dust bag for your jacket in summer storage, or a handbag hook to prevent your bag touching the floor when in public places. 

Hands feeling the quality of leather

Top tip!

Never use abrasive chemicals to clean your luxury leather - harsh substances like bicarbonate of soda are often cited as efficient leather cleaners, but in reality, are far too abrasive, resulting in fibre damage within the leather. Always make sure you test whatever cleaning solution you intend to use on an inconspicuous area of your product first.

We recommend 

Feeling overwhelmed by the large selection of leather cleaners available? Look no further - at Roma by RL we have years of experience in the leather industry. A firm favourite of ours is the Clothes Doctor brand. There's a wealth of clothing care products and knowledge to be found on their platform, and we love their mission of championing the slow fashion revolution! Their Sandalwood Leather Balm is a luxurious blend of all-natural waxes that is cruelty and palm oil free, as well as containing zero plastics.

The Clothes Doctor leather care kit

Clothes Doctor also offer a Leather Care Kit for only £16, proving that sustainable leather care doesn't have to break the bank. Complete with a sustainably sourced Natural Sea Sponge and Lint-Free Bamboo Cloth for buffing and cleansing, this set is the perfect choice to revive and maintain your luxury leather goods. 

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