Our collection was styled to be shown under an adaptable and versatile light, pushing the boundaries of how belts can be worn. However if you would like to take a classic and more traditional approach then we will give you the low down.

The belt is a staple in any wardrobe, and it's widely argued that everyone should own at least one good quality belt at all times. A belt can have a huge impact on the overall effectiveness of your look, whether used as a subtle inclusion or made to be a statement piece. But choosing the right belt can be difficult –  so we have put together a quick guide below on selecting the right belt, no matter the occasion. 


A formal belt, known as the dress belt, is the choice for business and evening wear. A dress belt worn with a tailored suit should typically be unobstructed and low-key, but still stylish. The strap should be no more than 1.5 inches wide and it should be in either a black or brown colour with a subtle shiny finish. The belt should ideally be undecorated, however slight detailing such as hand burnishing is acceptable. The Dress by ROMA by RL offers subtlety and style with a clean and simple look, while The Drummed Dress is more unique and textured, and comes in a smooth dark and light brown.



A belt for casual occasions offers a touch of style with all the practicality. More playful than a formal belt, a casual belt can be more colourful and more textured, with more ways to style. Belts for casual wear can be in lighter colour, such as tan or natural leather, and more unique styles and finishes work well, such as the braided leather seen in The Classic Braid. While formal wear belts should blend into your outfit, belts for casual wear can be made into a statement, with larger and more noticeable buckles, such as The Double Loop belt, perfect for making a stylish statement. 


Summertime brings the most freedom when choosing a suitable belt for your outfit. A fabric or elasticated belt is the most practical belt, as it offers both comfort and functionality. Fabric belts are a great way to include colour in your outfit, and The Stretch belt from the ROMA by RL collection perfectly encapsulates that summer look. Large statement belts also work well in summertime over a flowing maxi dress or a tunic, offering an easy way to add definition and accentuate the form. 

The belt, a staple in modern fashion, can be worn for either practicality or to make a statement. Formal wear demands little deviance from simple and classic styles, while warm weather is the perfect opportunity to be a little more adventurous and play with styles and colours. Wherever you are going, it is always a good tip to make sure you have a few high-quality belts in your wardrobe, suitable for any occasion. 

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